I just returned from Music Midtown in Atlanta. It was a weekend of Elton John, Drake, and Van Halen goodness! But, boy was it hot, and boy was it crowded! Luckily, I was prepared for the madness and knew just what to bring to make it the best weekend of my summer. Read on to graduate from newbie to festival pro.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re going to completely disregard this entire guide, PLEASE DON’TĀ DISREGARD THIS. I listed it first for a reason! Your shoes will make or break your experience, believe me. There’s always those girls at festivals brave enough to wear high heels. At the beginning you see them strutting their stuff through the crowds, tall and proud. But by the end of the night they’re the ones sitting in the grass behind the Port-A-Potties massaging their miserable feet and regretting their life choices. Don’t be that girl!

Hey, if you think you have stamina and wonder-woman feet, then by all means disregard my warning. But if you’re like most mere mortals and you don’t liveĀ in heels then leave the stilettos at home. Flats are always best! Sneakers, even better. Not to mention heels have the tendency to sink into grass which will leave you struggling to dig your beloved shoes out of the soil. Grass stains are not cute!

What to wear instead? I suggest comfortable, yet trendy, sneakers. Definitely not a new pair that means the world to you, because let’s be real: these shoes are going to get trashed. Converse and Vans work best, and can easily match your concert outfit. Just be sure if they’re white, you don’t want them to stay white!


I stupidly assumed that my credit card was going to be a valuable resource to me this weekend. This piece of plastic at music festivals is just that–plastic! Everywhere was cash only and I was left eating at one of the very few food stalls that took credit. Luckily, my boyfriend had enough cash for the majority of the day, but neither one of us were prepared. There were ATMs, but we all knew they were going to charge a 3$ fee and your first-born child, and I just don’t need that in my life. Save yourself the hassle and bring cash!

Water Bottle

Most festivals allow you to bring in one unopened water bottle. They also offer some kind of free water, be it through a water fountain or a stand somewhere. And trust me, you’re going to refill that sucker 319083509385 times throughout the day. Not only is it hot, but you’re busy jumping spaztically against fellow music lover who are also belting out the lyrics to your favorite band, before you know it your water bottle is empty. Yes, the lines to refill can be long, but it sure beats the $5+ and hassle of buying new ones.

Fanny Pack

I can’t think of another place these bags are socially acceptable except maybe the 1980s. But at festivals they’re the hippest thing you can bring. They come in all kinds of prints to compliment your outfit, and they are the perfect size to carry all your necessities. Backpacks can get heavy, but these babies are so light and compact you’ll probably forget you’re wearing one. They also force you to pack lightly, which you will be thankful for a few hours in.

A Positive Attitude

The worst thing to encounter in a festival is a cranky person. Like, go home. If you’re going to do that just save yourself 100 bucks and go home. While in mosh pits, I came across so many people who were just 100% done. For instance, this one girl was trying to maneuver her way to the front to see her favorite artist, and another woman completely stopped her, screaming and hollering and generally ruining it for everyone. She even threatened to fight the girl! I mean come on. Yes, people who push their way to the front are annoying and rude, but your reaction is no better. A go with the flow attitude is a must. Yes, people suck sometimes, but this is your favorite band so don’t let them ruin it!

Have fun!

Let me know if you can think of anything else that would be useful or if you have any different experiences! Be safe, happy festivaling.